Saturday, March 28, 2009


Okay let's focus this So I bought the rosemary essential oil cuz i've seen it mentioned as a hair growth stimulator. We all want quick growth. I also bought a box of henna, walked past it twice til a sales lady helped me. I went back and forth on color cuz it doesn't show a picture on the label like regular color. I ended up with red. Hopefully it has good instructions cuz I don't know if i should do it on freshly washed hair or on product filled hair....o the confusion. I might try ginger essential oil too. I saw it in a recipe for scalp stimulation....yum. I'm kinda scared of what the henna will turn out like, I think I might wait for more growth before I do it.

I've been off sweets for a month as of today, I've lost 5 pounds, my hair is great, I have more energy and less pain (except for what needs to be worked out by massage....haha). I need to get up off my lazy and get back into a regular yoga routine. It's great for the body and mind but there are poses that take blood to the head (scalp) like downward dog. I did downward dog for a couple of seconds the last time I did a DT and oooooo automatic tingling in the scalp. If I could learn to stand on my shoulders that would be great. This pose is said to stimulate metabolism and of course the bottom half of the body is up so blood goes the head.

I'll leave you with a recipe or 2, let me know how they work for you:

Spa Scalp Treatment-

1/2 cup olive oil
2 tablespoons of fresh ground lavender (or essential oil)
2 tablespoons dried peppermint (or essential oil)

warm ingredients in small saucepan (do not boil). massage into scalp over damp hair. cover hair with shower cap to keep heat in. sit in the sun, if possible, for twenty minutes. shampoo (co-wash) and rinse hair. should be repeated once a month.

Stimulating Ginger Scalp Treatment-

3 drops ginger essential oil
3 drops rosemary essential oil
1 teaspoon vegetable or nut oil

mix oils together and massage into scalp for five minutes. shampoo (co-wash) and rinse. repeat at least twice a week.

rosemary--stimulates hair growth
swiss pine--halts hair loss
cedarwood--strengthens the hair and cleanses the scalp
lemon--adds shine to the hair (but be careful in the sun, makes u extra sensitive)
lavender--thickens hair
eucalyptus--fights dandruff
cyprus--clears away grease
chamomile--lightens the hair color


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