Thursday, April 12, 2012

what i'm up to

Hey so i am making the transition to more of a doingmy own thing kinda deal with my employment. SCARY to say the least. i have faith everything is how it should b and will b well. so a little catch up. i have officially been vegan for 1 year as of 1/1/12...occasional slip on "bad" food i don't need anyway...namely sweets...arrrrrgh convenience is a demon. no flesh for 2 yrs at all as aof 4/8/12. chopped my hair into a mohawk and am now growing it out. got a mixture of blond and red going on...cuteness. let me see got a boyfriend, then a fiance, fiance dumped me 1/6/12 then 2 weeks later began his pursuit of getting me back, gave convo on 2/17/12, returned to his loving arms on 3/17/12...luck of the he really is a great, confused guy...seriously. wrote me a poem yesterday.

so i am studying to be a certified fitness trainer...woo hoo...lotta reading. when do i find the me but i do. took quizzes on 4 units today. scored 100% on 2 and 87.5% on the other 2...o well i passed. missed 1 question on the 2 that were not 100%.

took my first "true" shamanic journey on 4/8/12...fabulous fun. i learned my power animal....SNAKE...this is kinda funny due to a bit of childhood info i will have to share at another time. so yes i will be looking further into shamanism.

i am now also a certified meditation teacher, nondenominational ordained minister, lightbody activation practitioner (details to come), reiki master/practitioner, massage therapist and beginning my ascent into crystal healing.

i have 2.5 tattoos currently (one is just the outline right now). it will b gorgeous when it is complete. i have many more to get. let me tell u...tattoos on ur thigh are PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN. work up to it.

so some of my future posts will include vegan experiences and photos of many things. follow me on here, like my page on and check out my more info about services i offer and to make sure u don't miss a thing...until next time....peace...namaste


So this will be quick I will add more in a little while. Just wanna update folks on my new spot and some services offered.

Thursday and Saturday I am at the following: Healthful Solutions Massage
33743 9th Ave S.
Federal Way, WA 98003
253-661-8685 "ask for Jolene"
On Friday I am at: Sukha Healing Arts Center
22021 7th Ave S Unit #3
Des Moines, WA 98198
206-429-2782 "ask for Jolene or Resha"

I accept health insurance, work injury and automobile injury insurance at both of the above locations. Check out my web page for pricing and additional services:

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