Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trying New Things

So, I tried a new conditioner yesterday and I loved it. It's called Bio-Balance. I thought I had read the label carefully before I purchased it but I guess I didn't because when I looked at the ingredients again when I was getting ready to use it, I noted that it contained - mineral oil (eeeewwwwwww) and some parabens (but no cones---Yeah!?), so I was skeptical to say the least. To my surprise I noted a significant difference in my hair before I even got out of the shower. I had very very raised waves swimming through my hair. Once I blotted my hair I had major curls forming (my hair is still very short so they were close to the scalp). The curls remained even through the night without any product. I'm thinking this is a new long Aussie.

Now I am in the process of trying a homemade deep conditioner as we speak. It consists of organic yogurt, ground oatmeal and flaxseed and coffee. Coffee has been used in many spa services recently due to it's ability to bring blood to the surface of the skin (which of course gives it nourishment) so I figure the scalp is skin why wouldn't it work there. I looked through a natural recipe book I have and saw something about ginger for scalp stimulation as well so I may be tweaking this with the addition of the ginger-we'll see. I've also added flaxseed oil capsules to my supplement routine (can't begin to tell you all the good things about flaxseed in the diet) so we'll see how this all turns out. I'll keep you posted.

By the by may be concocting a new styling aid as well....definitely looking to use it as a possible lotion so why not try it on the hair if not for a product then a leave in........we will see what happens.

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