Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So, it's been a while since i posted...i get lazy. anyway so i've been veg for a lil over a month and it is going well tho it looks like i might need to start buying groceries (blech) in order to actually eat vegetables vs a whole bunch of carbs. i've cut my starbucks addiction down to once a week, Friday's only. i read somewhere that if your calorie intake goes below 1000 daily your body starts to gain weight well i think i might not be eating enough calories. i went from 215 to 220, dehydration and coffee drinking could be to blame also but i don't really know so i'm kind of experimenting. also limiting myself to one day of sugariness. my doctor would probably prefer no days but i'm still human. i will be doing measurements over weighing myself from now on, i will still weigh just not put too much stock in it. i can actually fit into regular people clothes (XL) so i must be doing something right (YEEEEEEEEEEEEAH).

So, i took my ex-boyfriend back on 4/24/10....became an official Buddhist on 4/25/10......got engaged to said boyfriend on 4/27/10.........wow what a whirlwind, let's see where it blows shall we.....................................stay tuned

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