Monday, March 16, 2009

Success of my Deep Conditioner

I tried my deep conditioning concoction on Saturday. Well it went really well. I left it in my hair, under plastic wrap, for 5 hours. I did a couple of yoga poses during the treatment that required me to bend forward-----whoa-----what a rush of blood to the head. I felt my mixture heat up and start to tingle....excitement!!!!!!!! So, I washed it out and looked at it just to see what it had done if anything. Well my hair layed down so smoothly you would've thought I had wavy hair instead of corkscrew. I was pleased to say the least. Two things I would change---I would grind the coffee up and add fat (shea butter) to it as it is extremely hard to find yogurt with full fat. But, other than these 2 things, I think I have a mixture worth keeping.

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