Monday, August 23, 2010

hi today

hi all, the journey continues........i met the most interesting individual over the weekend and yes there were some sharings. the yum yum (yes i said it) was beyond description. words can not even begin to describe the whole scenario. awesomely out of this world, divinely sanctioned is the closest verbal description i can come up with.......mmmmm the memories.

this friday is my test for teaching certification in QiGong level 1. do i feel prepared? uh no. my focus has been so not there and i am constantly so tired recently. but i gotta buckle down and focus cause i want this and i don't want to have wasted the money through my own fault.

hmmm...i believe this goes back to the yum yum......i had 2 people tell me i was
don't know what i did other than that. i have cut down on my coffee consumption though. 1-2 times per week versus daily sometimes twice.

a friend of mine jus told me he got his tongue might have to get mine done now...i've thought about doing it often. just never took the leap.

hmmmm outta things for now, b back when there is more........

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hey it's been a long minute. lots of changes. no more fiance'.....happy dance......finally shook off that energy. i feel so much freer, though there are a few things that still need to b changed, i just don't have the ammo i need in order to make those steps. hair is growing awesomely. i'm blonde now too.....yeeeeeeeeeah! loving the single life, enriching myself as much as i can. i just went to an awesome QiGong seminar. o my god if u have never done QiGong u have gotta try it. it is so liberating and empowering. i am so gonna have to get certified as a teacher, tho it is stressful because i don't know that i can remember all the steps i need to make it to certification. i guess if i don't get it the first time, i'll just try try try again.

i'm needing to take steps to enrich my personal business life, especially from an energy work perspective. i definitely feel the inspiration to teach and that is the avenue i feel i should go in. this QiGong certification would be a definite major step in the right direction. well we'll see.

i will upload pictures later and instill more info later....lunch is over.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So, it's been a while since i posted...i get lazy. anyway so i've been veg for a lil over a month and it is going well tho it looks like i might need to start buying groceries (blech) in order to actually eat vegetables vs a whole bunch of carbs. i've cut my starbucks addiction down to once a week, Friday's only. i read somewhere that if your calorie intake goes below 1000 daily your body starts to gain weight well i think i might not be eating enough calories. i went from 215 to 220, dehydration and coffee drinking could be to blame also but i don't really know so i'm kind of experimenting. also limiting myself to one day of sugariness. my doctor would probably prefer no days but i'm still human. i will be doing measurements over weighing myself from now on, i will still weigh just not put too much stock in it. i can actually fit into regular people clothes (XL) so i must be doing something right (YEEEEEEEEEEEEAH).

So, i took my ex-boyfriend back on 4/24/10....became an official Buddhist on 4/25/ engaged to said boyfriend on 4/27/ what a whirlwind, let's see where it blows shall we.....................................stay tuned

Sunday, April 25, 2010

update and what not

hello hello, so it goes as normal. i've been vegetarian for a little over 2 weeks now, no craving for meat tho i do think on it as it would be easier to eat some when i'm tryna shop for a meal....everything has it in it. other than that i have absolutely no desire for it. i do think my bodys lack of liking dairy is increasing.....uuuugh. i'm gonna try rice milk and see how that goes. interestingly enough, tho i'm "vegetarian" i've been loading up on so really i'm a carbetarian....tee hee. but seriously, gotta stop that. weighed myself and i gained 5 pounds (carb overload u think), granted i just ended the monthly terror, so mayb some left over bloat cuz boy did i bloat. will b focusing more on eating the veggies and fruits from here on out and looking past any terrorizing sweets....aaaaarh. also need to quit being lazy and get on that dang bike.

in other news, there has been a rekindling of passions with an ex-boyfriend.....yeah i know, save it, appreciate it but still save it. i feel it's the right thing and that's all that matters. if it works out....great....if least we know. not an easy road for him but i'm not gonna block him either. just gon let things run their course. good man,,,bad choices.

today marks my first day as an official Buddhist. (APPLAUSE HERE). so i am on my path----watch out now. we shall see how this turn of events works into the job arena, especially in reference to the many things of a less than positive nature that have been hurled at me.

Well dearies, until next, laugh, love

Thursday, April 8, 2010


so i made the decision last night to stop going back and forth with this decision.....i'm going vegetarian. meat doesn't really add anything to meals for me, so no sense in taxing my body with the digestion of it. then of course all the harmful things that exist in it unless you buy it from a special company that does ethical practices. i don't look down at those that eat flesh, i believe everyone should be allowed to be themselves without judgement, but flesh has no place in my life any longer......that's all for now.

Monday, April 5, 2010

a cleansing/healthy journey

hello one and all. it's time to get serious about getting my body healthy, which will inevitably secure weight loss. basic plan is to increase the raw veggies and limit bread, red meat, sugar and dairy. not cutting anything out completely, well maybe the sugar. gotta get focused on finding the time to workout because generally it's good for everybody to get it movin. time to cleanse all the negativity out of my life in all ways, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically. so, starting weight is 215, let's see how much i can get rid of in a month. wish me luck.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Hello Hello

it's been one of those months already. First, the good news....I'm going to be officially initiated into Buddhism on April 25th, so excited. i honestly feel this is my proper path and the start of something great.

less than good.... so the boyfriend who i've adored for many months now has done the flip and change. once attentive and caring, vibing on the same level has turned into self-centered, selfish, inattentive, withdrawn and no connectivity at all. i'm being spoken to on many different levels about the RED flags that i usually dismiss. i'm learning. it's hard to give up what u feel so sure about and desire. i love the light in him but it has disappeared at least in terms of the "us" of it. everything indicates a lack of interest on his part. what a difference a few weeks make. the first hint was in december on my birthday and new year's eve, but of course i dismissed those events, had anger yes but i moved through them cuz the good outweighed the negative. All i'm getting is negative now. how many people, especially when they are with the one's they claim to love, will put on head phones while watching a movie because they are disturbed by the scene? instead of just asking for it to be fast forwarded.

then of course everything that is brought to their attention they turn around on the other person instead of actually listening and possibly acknowledging their role in the problem.
then u go practically a week without contacting the "one you love" and can't give an explanation as to why this is, even though you apparently had the capability. so sad. i really would've never pegged this guy for being this type. if i wanted to be mistreated like this and have to question everything, i could've stayed in my previous relationship of 2 yrs. this is just way too much for my sensitive heart to endure. i'm tired. my blood pressure is higher than it should be. i rather be alone. it's lonely, but considering the actions that have occurred recently....what is the real difference....

lighter subject---

i've been reconnecting with so many cool people. Facebook is awesome. glad my brother convinced me to get on it. tho i am addicted to mafia wars and yes Facebook. kinda voyeuristic i think. but i'm not hurting anyone that i know of.

my hair has some movement now, even when it's dry. only in certain parts though.

my homie is starting a cool new site and he wants me to be the writer on it.....waaaaaay cool.
he's a smart guy with big dreams and the will and way to get there. i support him 100%.

that's all i got for now......NAMASTE

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hey! An Update.

So it's been a while since I've written. I have been lazy about keeping up with this. This month on the 9th will make a whole year since I did the big chop. As you can see from the profile picture.....there has been growth. I took that picture at 10 months. My life has been in somewhat of a whirlwind. I have found the most amazing man......YEEEEEEEAH........I've decided to resume my business (massage and spa) with the addition of jewelry and candles (as soon as I can figure out the making process). I have learned some very inspiring and powerful meditation techniques, thanks to my boo. I am in a much better place now, mentally, spiritually and emotionally (working on the physical). Learning to love me, flaws and all. This is a new year and I'm letting go of all the ick from the past ones. Trying new things. Right now my new things I wanna do are----get a tattoo (very first), get acupuncture, I've already tried sushi (the cooked kind) at this great place called HIMITSU in Auburn, Washington. You should check it out if you are in the area. I'm slowly learning to not apply logic to illogical situations, makes life much easier.

I found out a disturbing bit of info today. Someone I would have thought was fairly trustworthy is.......2-faced as the day is long.......I don't normally put much past most people but this individual would seem fairly genuine especially in the arena of the situation at hand. Just goes to show, sometimes a snake can be a chameleon too.

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