Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hey u hair enthusiasts out there....hope your hair is playing nice with you. I'm thinking that adding a weekly hot oil treatment might be a nice thing for my hair and scalp. Seems like it would just glow with joy (get the joke...yeah). Anyway, I've been doing a lot of emotional and spiritual repair....which goes a long way in healthy body function (hair, skin, etc). I'm actually quite peaceful right now. I'm noticing a thickening in the hair in the back, towards the crown area. I'll be glad when the top catches up but of course i cut that part the shortest. I try to do scalp massages when i'm sittin round watchin tv or whatnot, tryin to get the blood flow hoppin. FYI-regular massages u know the lay on the the table and drool kind are great for bloodflow throughout the body cuz a tight muscle severely limits smooth flow of blood. So imagine what those tight neck, shoulder and back muscles are doing to the blood and nourishment tryin to get to your scalp......AAAAAAAARGH! THE HORROR! (All joking aside....I'm serious).

So enough griping. I bought some rosemary today to add to my various hair luxuries (treatments sounds so medical, you know). I have a book called "Spa Magic" by Mary Muryn that shows you different recipes for creating a spa at home and she lists rosemary, cedarwood and lavendar essential oils for hair growth. Peppermint is not listed but yes it helps too. Tea Tree helps with cleansing and dandruff. I have read a lot of threads on that speak of the amazing powers of rosemary essential oil, so I figure why not. I also researched neem oil and will be adding it to my hair's oil bath as soon as i order it. I found some on amazon.....i love amazon.

I also take supplements....just for general well being. I can not stress the importance of supplements for health and hair. You have no idea how what we put in our bodies as food is depleting our nutrients....i know u don't cuz i didn't lol. First off, you need a good multivitamin everyday, not the stuff over there in the vitamin aisle either, it has fillers. It's not supposed to but it does. Go to the organic section or a health food store. Fillers in vitamins reduce the bodies ability to absorb the nutrients....simple test to see if that multi is worthwhile: put it in a warm glass of water (simulates stomach environment) and see how long it takes for it to start dissolving ...if it even does. A lot of the popular vitamin brands just sit in your stomach until they pass through the bowel.....hmmmm not helping the body at all. Our food has very little nutrients anymore so that's not a good source of nutrients. Medicines kill our nutrients left and right. Eat your veggies and fruit everyday and try to eat them raw as often as is possible. Get your biotin....straight biotin, not the mixes (you know hair,skin,nail mixes). The one I have says to only take one a day plus my multi has a certain amount of biotin as well. Fish oil and Flax Seed Oil supplements are good too for hair and health. If I can get myself motivated i will publish a couple of health papers on here and you will have a start at what you need to research and learn about as far as your health and hair. The more you know, the more you will grow. I started ranting so I'm gonna add a part 2 cuz this is getting

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