Tuesday, April 7, 2009

After Color Update

About a 1/2 hour after rinsing the color out of my hair and all, my scalp started itching something fierce. This continued until the next day when, after the 24 hour period was up I did a deep conditioner. I didn't think my regular DT was a good idea so I just used my Suave. Ok this was the greatest thing since sliced bread. My hair said "THANK YOU" as soon as I put the conditioner in. I'm not sure how long I let it sit but I'm gonna guess about 2 hours. I never thought Suave would do such a good job. When I rinsed it out, my curls were popping up all over my head. They remained this way for the rest of the day and overnight without any oil or product. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm pondering changing my DT by taking out the yogurt, unless I specifically want a protein treatment. Well I'll be doing that sometime this week and I will have to keep you posted. I really should've taken pictures....I never think about it until after the fact. O well ,,,,,keep it curly.

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