Monday, August 23, 2010

hi today

hi all, the journey continues........i met the most interesting individual over the weekend and yes there were some sharings. the yum yum (yes i said it) was beyond description. words can not even begin to describe the whole scenario. awesomely out of this world, divinely sanctioned is the closest verbal description i can come up with.......mmmmm the memories.

this friday is my test for teaching certification in QiGong level 1. do i feel prepared? uh no. my focus has been so not there and i am constantly so tired recently. but i gotta buckle down and focus cause i want this and i don't want to have wasted the money through my own fault.

hmmm...i believe this goes back to the yum yum......i had 2 people tell me i was
don't know what i did other than that. i have cut down on my coffee consumption though. 1-2 times per week versus daily sometimes twice.

a friend of mine jus told me he got his tongue might have to get mine done now...i've thought about doing it often. just never took the leap.

hmmmm outta things for now, b back when there is more........

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