Sunday, April 25, 2010

update and what not

hello hello, so it goes as normal. i've been vegetarian for a little over 2 weeks now, no craving for meat tho i do think on it as it would be easier to eat some when i'm tryna shop for a meal....everything has it in it. other than that i have absolutely no desire for it. i do think my bodys lack of liking dairy is increasing.....uuuugh. i'm gonna try rice milk and see how that goes. interestingly enough, tho i'm "vegetarian" i've been loading up on so really i'm a carbetarian....tee hee. but seriously, gotta stop that. weighed myself and i gained 5 pounds (carb overload u think), granted i just ended the monthly terror, so mayb some left over bloat cuz boy did i bloat. will b focusing more on eating the veggies and fruits from here on out and looking past any terrorizing sweets....aaaaarh. also need to quit being lazy and get on that dang bike.

in other news, there has been a rekindling of passions with an ex-boyfriend.....yeah i know, save it, appreciate it but still save it. i feel it's the right thing and that's all that matters. if it works out....great....if least we know. not an easy road for him but i'm not gonna block him either. just gon let things run their course. good man,,,bad choices.

today marks my first day as an official Buddhist. (APPLAUSE HERE). so i am on my path----watch out now. we shall see how this turn of events works into the job arena, especially in reference to the many things of a less than positive nature that have been hurled at me.

Well dearies, until next, laugh, love

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